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Oh, What a Weariness!

A couple of weeks ago Ayden and Jaxon were playing in the house, going back and forth from their bedroom to the living room making quite a mess. While they were energetically inclined in all of their activities of play, I interjected with the old “boys, it’s getting late and time to clean up” spill.

All of the sudden Jaxon began complaining how “tired” he was and then began to grab his back and say, “Oh my back!”  At first, I thought, Jaxon should get into acting, as he can transition quite rapidly and pretty good at it. However, as his father I could certainly see through all the “acting,” and knew that he only became “tired” and had an “aching back” because he didn’t really care to do that which he was responsible to do. He would rather “play,” than be involved in something that “bores” or “wearies” him.

I got to thinking of how this carries over into adulthood. When people get “bored” or “wearied,” they either stick around to only give God the left-overs, to go through the motions, or they go to find some place that will entertain them, some place that will give them what they want, words that are easy to listen to, or something to simply watch without ever getting involved or doing any work/service to the Lord and others.

One book of the Bible that automatically comes to my mind when I think about this type of subject is that of Malachi. This book presents an intriguing dialogue between the Lord and His people. The people of Malachi’s day were very difficult and suffered from the exact issue we are considering in this brief article: Boredom with God.

In the text of Malachi 1, the people were confronted with their sins as the Lord calls for them to consider their ways, what they are doing or NOT doing, for them to come to the realization that they were not doing as well as they had figured. Such hits home for us today. We do well and pay careful attention to that which piques our interest. However, that which doesn’t, that which “bores” or “wearies” us, we cut corners, not giving the proper necessary attention to.

When you think of all that you and your family were involved in this past week alone, how much of that time was invested spiritually? For many the Lord received the cheap leftovers, the scraps. Consider Malachi 1:6-8: “A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If then I am the Father, where is My honor? And if I am a Master, where is My reverence? says the Lord of hosts to you priests who despise My name. Yet you say, ‘In what way have we despised Your name?’ “You offer defiled food on My altar, but say, ‘In what way have we defiled You?’ By saying, ‘The table of the Lord is contemptible.’ And when you offer the blind as a sacrifice, is it not evil? And when you offer the lame and sick, is it not evil? Offer it then to your governor! Would he be pleased with you? Would he accept you favorably?” says the Lord of hosts.”

Those of Malachi’s day were not exerting great energy and zeal when it came down to worshiping and serving the Lord. Such had become a weariness to them. It showed when they grabbed the animals that were blind, lame, and sick and offered them as sacrifices rather than the giving the Lord their best. However, when it came to things that interested them, like Jaxon in his “playing,” they were actively engaged and would give their best. Such reminds me of what was happening in the days of Haggai. The temple of the Lord lied in ruins, yet the people were busy tending to their own affairs “dwelling in paneled houses” and the Lord through the prophet Haggai told them to “consider [their] ways!” (Haggai 1:3-5)

The “working for the Lord” wearied the people of Haggai’s time just like those of Malachi’s time. The great question comes from the very song “It Is Time to Build.” The 2nd verse says: “Have we built our homes, have we cared for our own while neglecting the temple of God?”

Sadly, this truth echoes beyond Malachi’s and Haggai’s time into our own. If you question such, just consider the following:  How many have considered it a “weariness” to assemble on Sunday for just 3 hours? How many considered it a “weariness” to assemble on a Wednesday evening for just 1 hour? There are many that found devotion to the Lord and His cause an inconvenience to what they desire to continue doing with the world. It is quite intriguing that time means nothing to us when the activity that we are endeavoring in is something that piques our interest. However, we keep a good eye on the clock when there’s something that hinders us from getting to things we would rather be doing.

The call that the Lord gave through the prophets Malachi and Haggai still echoes to us today: a call for us to consider our ways, a call of a time to work, giving all to our blessed Lord as the chosen people of the Lord.

Something to think about. Have a great week! – DJ 🙂

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